Brexit architect Nigel Farage is concerned that the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union is in jeopardy in the wake yesterday’s disastrous election, and has vowed a ‘full-time’ return to politics if things continue to go sideways.

After a poor showing by UKIP, which Farage has fronted multiple times since 2006, the prospects of a ‘hard Brexit’ have taken a hit, and Farage has made it clear he will do what it takes to defend his life’s work and the will of the British people if necessary.

“If my worst fears are confirmed, if we don’t get the kind of Brexit that I wanted and that people voted for, then I would have no choice but to involve myself again with full-time campaigning,” Farage told the BBC, before explaining that he would not return to a leadership role in UKIP unless dramatic changes take place – specifically the ability of the party head to make executive decisions and a draining of the party swamp.

“Former leader Nigel Farage said he would consider returning but only if the party reformed to let the leader take executive decisions,” reports Breitbart London Editor-In-Chief and UKIP member, Raheem Kassam. “Currently, UKIP’s internal processes mean the party leader effectively answers to the National Executive Committee, elected by members, which meets once a month.”

Farage declared that it is time for current prime minister, Theresa May, to step aside after her gamble to absorb more power failed miserably and exposed her as an inept leader, incapable of carrying Brexit across the finish line as someone who staunchly opposed the outcome of the 2016 referendum.

“Maybe she can put together a government, but can she pull off the Brexit process?” Farage said. “Four times in this campaign, I saw her asked, ‘As somebody who backed Remain, do you now believe in Brexit?’ and four times she could not answer the question – just, ‘I’m going to do the will of the people.’

“You cannot go to Brussels and negotiate something as important as this unless you believe in it in your heart.”

“I do think that if Brexit is to be a success, we must have somebody who believes in it leading the government,” he concluded.

When asked if he believes Theresa May should resign, Farage responded without hesitation, “Absolutely, yes I do. I think she has failed completely. I think she has weakened her own position, not just within British Politics, but she’s weakened the UK’s position with these renegotiations.”

“May has failed,” Farage tweeted. “She absolutely has to go.”

Prime Minister May has said she will not resign and is currently seeking permission from the Queen to form a minority government.

Paul Nuttall has stepped down as the head of UKIP after the party lost hundreds of seats under his leadership.

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