Nigel Farage is enjoying a glorious day in the sun, as the British government has triggered Article 50 and officially notified the European Union that the United Kingdom has begun divorce proceedings that should be finalized within two years.

Farage posted a picture of himself on social media, smiling broadly, with a pint in one hand, and a copy of the Daily Express in the other.

“You’ve been triggered,” he wrote.

Moments later, Farage shut down a journalist attempting to rain on the parade by asking the Brexit architect if he had any support to offer for the “48% who voted to stay in, who find that today is a disappointing day.”

“Come on, keep up with the main party,” replied Farage. “It may have been 48 per cent on June 23 last year, but things have changed hugely.

“Consistent opinion polls show nearly 70% of the population want the government to get on with Brexit.”

“I want us to leave with a sensible free trade deal in place – fully understanding we are their most important export market in the world, they call us ‘treasure island’ for goodness sake,” he concluded.

Farage also took a moment to directly thank Breitbart and Stephen Bannon for their support through the Brexit process.

“Good on Breitbart; good on Bannon,” he said, whilst raising his pint. “You’ve helped with this hugely.”

In an interview with Sky News earlier in the day, the former UKIP leader recounted the arduous road he has traveled and the vicious ridicule he and his once-small band of anti-globalist Brexiteers have endured through the 25 year process leading up to today.

“It’s been a long journey,” he said. “The honest truth is, for the first 22 or 23 years, it was a real minority sport.”

“We were laughed at, abused, it was an ‘impossible dream,’ and hey, here we are – it’s happening.”

“At 12:30 today, we pass the point of no return,” he went on. “There will be lots of arguments about the deal, the negotiations – but the big story is that after today, we are leaving.”

The full text of Prime Minister Theresa May’s letter to the European Council is now available to the public.

Since the referendum’s stunning success, Farage and the “Bad Boys of Brexit” have recently joined in efforts to split the polarized state of California into two new states – essentially a hybridization of the leftist, anti-Trump #CalExit push, and the long-running “State of Jefferson” movement.

The Daily Mail reports that Farage and ‘Leave’ backer, Arron Banks, just traveled to California to help raise $1 million for the campaign, and show its proponents “how to light a fire and win.”

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