The Brexit sellout currently being overseen by British Prime Minister Theresa May follows the historical model of democratic votes which defy the European Union being ignored over and over again.

May’s position is tenuous following the resignation of four ministers after she delivered a Brexit “deal” completely at odds with what the British people voted for.

The deal would de facto keep the United Kingdom in the EU customs union indefinitely, “bound by rules determined by the EU over which we have no say,” according to Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office Shailesh Vara.

In her resignation letter, Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey said the deal “does not honour” the result of the Brexit referendum.

“Any cabinet member who is a genuine Brexiteer must now resign or never be trusted again, this is the worst deal in history,” tweeted Nigel Farage.

He also called on more ministers to resign in order to get “rid of this duplicitous Prime Minister.”

However, Theresa May, who supported the Remain campaign from the beginning, is merely following the model of previous European countries, whose citizens have voted against the EU only to see their votes ignored or overruled.

As the image below illustrates, in numerous countries over the past three decades, from Denmark to France to Ireland, citizens were either made to vote again until the EU got the result it wanted or their vote was dismissed altogether.

Citizens voted to reject the Maastricht Treaty, to reject the Nice Treaty, to reject the EU Constitution, to reject the Lisbon Treaty, to reject the Euro bailout. Every time the votes were ignored – emphasizing the fundamentally anti-democratic nature of the European Union.

Whether or not Theresa May loses a vote of confidence and is removed as Prime Minister remains to be seen, but she has been partly successful in one sense – carrying out the orders of globalists in Brussels and betraying her own country.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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