There are “tools” in the mainstream media, self-indulgent Hollywood, and the global establishment.

These tools are almost always wrong.

This week the tools were wrong about the Electoral College. Less than a week ago the mainstream media was promoting the idea of faithless electors refusing to cast their electoral votes for Trump. The media latched on to a Glenn Beck lookalike from Texas who declared he would vote against Trump, and low ranking Hollywood stars made a propaganda video encouraging other electors to do the same.

Many who follow the news for a living became overwhelmed with constant reports of faithless electors, and some accepted Trump might not be approved by the Electoral College, and the issue would go to Congress.

December 19, 2016, came and went, and we learned the mainstream media, the Hollywood elitists, and the global establishment were wrong again. Trump was elected with 304 electoral votes. He was meant to have 306. Only two electors refused to vote Trump, the aforementioned Glenn Beck lookalike, and another man from Texas who absurdly cast his vote for Ron Paul. However, four electors could not bring themselves to vote for Clinton. The tools never mentioned this was a possibility, yet Clinton actually won this contest. Trump – 2, Clinton – 4.

Six faithless electors is fairly unprecedented in modern history, but it is inconsequential compared to the amount of coverage given to the faithless electors who wanted to stop a Trump presidency in the Electoral College. After the vote, the media was shocked. “How didn’t we see this one coming?! What did we miss?” they repeated, for what seems like the thousandth time this year.

Let’s remember some other recent times the tools got it wrong.

Jeb! vs. Hillary

Many in the mainstream media wanted a Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush election. Even though Bush never had the enthusiasm of President-elect Trump, or even the enthusiasm of Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio, and even though Clinton only became the Democratic Party’s nominee through an absurd system of super delegates many consider to be rigged, the mainstream media made no secret of promoting Clinton vs. Bush 2.0. They were shockingly up front about it.

Of course, Bush would ultimately be blown out of the water by our President-elect, sparing us all from his cringe-worthy debate performances.

Trump’s Presidential Campaign

Before Trump could never win the Republican nomination, before Trump could never win the election, and before Trump would be defeated by the Electoral College, Trump was never going to run for office. The media laughed at the idea of a Trump presidential run, and late night comedians mocked the idea of a Trump campaign. “Famous people and businessmen aren’t supposed to run for president!” was the general criticism.

Republican Primaries

After he announced, the tools then became convinced Trump would never become the Republican nominee. CNN said Trump had a 1% chance. Ann Coulter was laughed off the stage for believing Trump would win. As Trump began to win primaries, the mainstream media was still convinced Governor John Kasich would be the party’s nominee. Even after Trump exceeded the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the nomination, the tools still refused to believe Trump would be the nominee.

An avalanche of articles described the Cruz campaign’s effort to secure the nomination by racking up delegates. While most people ultimately enjoyed the memes (DAHNALD! Give me the delegates!), it amounted to nothing. Some delegates stomped their feet and stormed out of the convention center in Cleveland, and Trump went on to become the nominee with the most votes in Republican history.


The tools were convinced they had Brexit in the bag. Polling data showed the Remain side in the lead as voting began, days before the vote a British politician was murdered by a man initially believed to be pro-Brexit, a fear campaign was launched suggesting the repercussions of Brexit would lead to World War 3, President Obama visited the United Kingdom and told the British to vote Remain, and nearly every British politician, news personality, and entertainment figure strongly backed the Remain side. Things were so grim that UKIP leader Nigel Farage admitted defeat as the polls closed, only to be surprised by victory a few hours later.

2016 General Election

The tools completely got this election wrong, something Trump routinely reminded them during his Victory Tour. Hollywood, pollsters, the media, the establishment, even the sitting President of the United States were all certain Trump would never be president. They were so caught up in their fantasy (more on this later), they refused to call the election until nearly 3 a.m. the next day, even though it was obviously a blowout for Trump before midnight.

Mitt Romney for Secretary of State

Remember when Mitt Romney was going to be Trump’s Secretary of State? (Oh yeah, I ‘member)

For almost a month we had to hear about Mitt Romney’s inevitable appointment to Secretary of State. It was an indication Trump was forgetting his base, abandoning his principles, and would never be able to drain the swamp. Or so the media said. In reality, Romney and Trump met a couple times and had dinner once or twice.

Trump’s Transition Team never officially released any information suggesting Romney was considered for Secretary of State. The mainstream media saw Romney meeting with Trump and ascribed their own meaning to the events, even while Trump’s former campaign manager Roger Stone said the two only shared dinner so Trump could “torture” Romney.

Why the Tools Keep Getting It All Wrong & Don’t Learn

After reading this partial recounting of all the times the tools got it wrong over the last 18 months, you might be wondering how or why this continues to happen. I found myself asking the same questions. “Why do they refuse reason and evidence? How come they aren’t learning from their mistakes? Why do they keep thinking they’re right about everything when their track record is abysmal?” I can only imagine the answer is a combination of two or more factors: Wishful thinking and projection.

Wishful Thinking

Logically Fallacious defines wishful thinking as what happens “when the desire for something to be true is used in place of/or as evidence for the truthfulness of the claim.  Wishful thinking, more as a cognitive bias than a logical fallacy, can also cause one to evaluate evidence very differently based on the desired outcome.”

This should sound very familiar. The tools see no value in facts, reason, or evidence. They know what they want to happen, so they write about it, make videos about it, go on television to talk about it, and generally make fools of themselves when they are eventually proven wrong. This happened in every single example above, and if you pay close attention, you will see it going forward. For example, there is not a single intelligence official in the United States who has publicly commented on the allegations that Russia helped Trump win the election, yet the media writes about it because they wish it to be true.

Wishful thinking is fine for small children and the developmentally impaired, who may still be learning how to separate reality from fiction, but for major media outlets, politicians, and Hollywood (they may fall under the small children category), this is ridiculous behavior that should be called out and condemned.


Life Script defines projection as “a defense mechanism people subconsciously employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions.” They go on to write, “Psychological projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings.”

The Democratic Party ran a bad candidate. She had legal troubles haunting her, a trail of smoking craters in the middle east reflecting her foreign policy while leading the State Department, allegations of corruption surrounding her foundation, and refused to hold a press conference for about a year.

What did the tools do with this information? They said Trump’s legal problems regarding Trump University were insurmountable, Trump’s foreign policy would lead to a world war, the Trump Foundation was corrupt, and said he should talk to the media more.

They transferred everything bad about Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump and hoped nobody would notice. This is present in nearly every criticism the tools have. “The Republicans are bigots” say those who demand segregated spaces and believe blacks are incapable of getting a photo ID. “The Republicans are sexists” say those who wanted to elect a woman president merely because she was a woman. “Republican economics don’t work” say those who ran up the country’s deficit to nearly $20 trillion and left a third of the country out of the labor market. If you look closely, projection is found in every criticism of the right the tools make.

I would like to say they will eventually have a wake up call, but all available evidence suggests the only possible wake up call will come in the form of decreasing profits and bankruptcies.

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