Infowars reporter Millie Weaver questions CNN senior media correspondent Brian Stelter about CNN’s role in getting Infowars de-platformed and how they knew to be on location ahead of Roger Stone’s arrest.

Weaver and Kaitlin Bennett confronted Stelter at Kent State University where he was invited to speak to students about ethics in journalism.

Maybe it’s time Stelter starts practicing what he preaches!

Stelter was the guest speaker for the “Telling the Truth in the Age of Alternative Facts” lecture held at KSU on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the lecture stated they “wanted someone who could talk about media ethics…in this day in age.”

During the Q&A session, Infowars reporter Millie Weaver asked Stelter pointed questions about CNN’s notorious history of reporting fake news.

Kaitlin Bennett asked Stelter why he blocked Mark Dice on Twitter and asked if he gets mad at him often.

Dice covered the clip in the video below:

Infowars version with live comments:

Owen Shroyer explains Stelter’s censorship agenda in the following War Room segment.

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