CNN’s Brian Stelter dismissed the bombshell Google report by Project Veritas on social media because he couldn’t find stories of Google’s bias using their biased search engine.

Yes, really.

The fake news goblin was responding to a New York Times reporter, who was similarly alarmed by the intense popularity of the Google exposé despite a widespread media blackout of the story, claiming he was in a “struggle w/ how to address that if at all.”

In typical fake news fashion, Stelter said he Googled for “reliable news” of Google’s bias using its biased search engine and for SOME REASON couldn’t find anything.

The staggering stupidity of his comment prompted the whole of Twitter to descend on the CNN stooge with a hearty ratio, with 3,200 negative comments to his 96 ‘likes.’

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe responded to Stelter’s asinine tweets, reminding him that the Google whistleblower behind the explosive revelations approached his organization and not CNN to accurately present the facts.

“Are you suggesting what we published is not real?” O’Keefe tweeted Tuesday. “A man inside Google is risking his career and he believes more than that to blow the whistle. There are a dozen more who’ve come forward to us in the last 24 hours. AND THEY DIDN’T COME TO CNN. They came to Project Veritas.”


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas claims more Google employees are contacting him to come out about their fascist employer.

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