CNN host Brian Stelter got roasted on Twitter after he quoted president Jeff Zucker’s claim that it’s not CNN journalists’ job to ‘investigate’.

“CNN prez Jeff Zucker: “We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did,” tweeted Stelter in response to the heat CNN and other mainstream media outlets have been receiving for their role in pushing the Russian collusion hoax.

Stelter’s tweet got ‘ratioed’ – with over 15,000 responses compared to just 1,100 retweets, with many pointing out that the job of journalists is literally to investigate things.

“For real Brian, in what world does this help you or CNN? asked Mike Cernovich. “CNN prez Jeff Zucker: “We are not investigators.” I’m trying bro. Help us understand. “We are not investigators.” How doesn’t this expose everyone at CNN as scribes for people in government?”

Another respondent pointed out that CNN literally hired BuzzFeed’s K-File to, well, investigate things.

Stelter subsequently blocked Jack Posobiec after Posobiec called him out.

“We’re not investigators, we’re not journalists, we’re worker bees for the primary media propaganda wing of the DNC…” THAT at least would’ve been an honest assessment of fake news central!” commented David Wohl.

Not a single member of the mainstream media has apologized or been disciplined for their role in pushing a dangerous conspiracy theory – the Russian collusion hoax – that divided the country and undermined democracy.


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