The New York Times
June 25, 2009

[efoods]SEOUL, South Korea — About 100,000 North Koreans rallied and marched in Pyongyang on Thursday, the Communist state’s official media reported, as the regime threatened a “fire shower of nuclear retaliation” against the United States and its ally South Korea.

North Korea commemorated the Thursday anniversary of the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 with a state-mobilized display of anti-American fervor. It was the first time in three years that North Korea commemorated the anniversary with a massive outdoor rally.

The crowd brimmed with anti-American slogans and speeches, denouncing the U.S.-led international sanctions the United Nations recently imposed on the North following its May 25 nuclear test. A large poster hung at the rally showed a rifle tipped with a bayonet over a hill covered with graves and admonished: “If you attack, only death will await you.”Such harsh statements are a hallmark of North Korean rhetoric against the United States and its allies, which the North regularly threaten with a “nuclear holocaust.” But its tone has recently grown more strident.

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