The London Daily News
May 14, 2008

Mayor Boris Johnson and the Metropolitan Police today start the fight back against knife and gang crime after the “horrendous” events of the last 48 hours.

Section 60 of the Public Order Act will allow police to search anyone even without reasonable suspicion.

In your face policing

Assistant Commissioner Tim Godwin said the crackdown will involve ten teams of 15 officers roaming London with detection wands and mobile knife arches. Schools, pubs, stations, and around anywhere they believe youths are carrying weapons will be targeted.

Mr Godwin continued:

“It’s fairly in-your-face policing and as a result that needs to be handled sensitively. Our object is not about harassing anybody. It’s about making everybody as safe as we can.”

More under 25 killings than teen deaths

While much attention has been paid to teen on teen knife crime, 69 people under 25 have been murdered since January last year, and only 39 teenage deaths in the same period.

New sentencing guidelines have exacerbated the situation, now anyone caught carrying a blade could escape with a fine or community service if the courts believe they were not intent on causing fear and intimidation.

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