Libya uprising: Britain and France back ‘targeted’ strikes to stop Gaddafi using chemical weapons

London Telegraph
Friday, March 11, 2011

France and Britain favour targeted strikes in Libya in case Muammar Gaddafi uses chemical weapons or air strikes against his people, President Nicolas Sarkozy says at an EU summit.

Mr Sarkozy said Paris had “many reservations” on military or NATO intervention in Libya “because Arab revolutions belong to Arabs”.

But he and British Prime Minister David Cameron were “ready, on condition that the UN wishes, that the Arab League accepts and (that) the Libyan opposition which we hope to see recognised, agrees, for targeted actions if Mr Kadhafi uses chemical weapons or air power against peaceful citizens”.

Sarkozy also called on his European partners to follow France’s lead and officially recognise the opposition against Kadhafi as the hard-pressed rebels in the east tried to counter a major offensive troops that had driven them back.

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