Britain could be days from military involvement in the Middle East after David Cameron warned the fight against Islamic State was one the UK “could not opt out of”.

Sky’s Deputy Political Editor Joey Jones says Parliament is expected to be recalled on Friday, paving the way for possible airstrikes this weekend.

Speaking ahead of a United Nations summit in New York, the Prime Minister insisted IS was planning attacks on Britain and an international coalition was needed to destroy “this evil organisation”.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al Abadi is expected to formally ask for Britain’s involvement in airstrikes against IS positions in the north of the country when he meets Mr Cameron.

Such a request would legally underpin any UK military action in Iraq, something that is less clear in the case of Syria where Britain has stressed it will not co-operate with President Bashar al Assad to defeat IS.

With Parliament expected to be recalled, Mr Cameron will be hoping to avoid the defeat he suffered last year over plans to target the Assad regime.

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