Ian Cobain

October 25, 2011

The daughter of a Libyan dissident who was imprisoned by Muammar Gaddafi following a rendition operation mounted with the help of MI6 has told how her family was flown across the world and held for months while her father was being tortured nearby.

The wife and children of Sami al-Saadi have launched legal proceedings against the British government and its intelligence agencies, and say they are also planning to lodge a complaint with Scotland Yard over the role that the British authorities played in their abduction and detention.

Saadi’s entire family were bundled aboard an aircraft in Hong Kong and flown to Tripoli in March 2004. His wife Karima al-Saadi and her four children, aged between six and 12, were held for months at one of Gaddafi’s prisons.

The eldest child, Khadija, now 19, spoke the horror of being separated from her parents and forced on to the plane before being told that they were all being taken to Libya, where she knew her father would be tortured, and where she feared they would all be killed.

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