Press TV
September 28, 2011

Britain, as the perpetrator of a Western-led attack on Libya under the guise of protecting the country’s civilian population, is seeking to secure more business contracts with the new Libyan government.

British Trade Minister Stephen Green launched business talks in Libya, claiming UK firms are eager to participate in the rebuilding of the North African country.

Green said that he had several meetings with the Libyan businessmen and members of National Transitional Council (NTC) and talked about future contracts between the two countries. However, he told reporters in Tripoli that Britain will not take strategic decisions with Libya until the country creates a new constitution and an elected government is chosen by the Libyan people.

Britain formerly sent a team of negotiators to Tripoli to begin talks with the NTC officials and to sign lucrative oil deals. The news was then confirmed by Senior Whitehall officials, revealing that British Trade and Investment was planning to renew its oil contracts in Libya quickly, amid rising fears that Russian and Chinese oil firms are seeking to secure the best of the contracts.

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