The photographs show the deserted casualty departments at two of our biggest hospitals.

They were taken in the daytime amid the lockdown ordered by the Government to fight the lethal virus Covid-19.

In normal times, the waiting room at the Royal London, in the East End’s Whitechapel, would be busy with 500 patients walking in from the streets to see a doctor every 24 hours.

Yet, as the photo below – taken on a Saturday afternoon – shows, the place is empty.

Not a chair filled, no one at the vending machine, and the usual queue at the reception desk non-existent.

The person who took the picture, a Mail reader and medic, said the image was deeply worrying.

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‘A tragedy is unfolding because people are scared of catching the coronavirus if they set foot in a hospital,’ she explained.

‘They are staying at home even if they have serious illnesses and this will cost countless lives. Where are all those with heart attacks and strokes? No one is coming here.’

It is a concern shared by Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who this week urged non-coronavirus patients requiring urgent care to seek help immediately. He said: ‘The NHS is there for you.’

He was speaking in the House of Commons after doctors and medical charities warned of a hidden health crisis among non-Covid patients who, it is feared, could die in their thousands.

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