In Great Britain, if you espouse the belief that it is better for a child to be raised by a heterosexual couple than a same-sex couple, even if you are judge, the law will come down on you. Richard Page, a 68-year-old British Justice of the Peace and evangelical Christian, was suspended from the bench and forced to take a one-day reeducation class so he would think more correctly.

Page’s troubles began last summer, when a case came before him as a member of a family court tribunal. A social worker for a foster child suggested that a gay couple should adopt the child. Page demurred; he told LifeSiteNews, “I raised some questions in private with the other judges, including that I thought that because a baby comes from a man and a woman it made me think the child would be better off with a father and a mother than with single-sex parents. The other judges didn’t agree at all.”

Not only did the other judges disagree, they convened a review committee that recommended Page be suspended and removed from his post. That recommendation was amended by the Lord Chancellor, cabinet minister Chris Grayling, and the Chief Justice John Thomas, who reduced the punishment to a reprimand and a day-long re-education class. They stated, “Mr. Page, while sitting in Family Court was found to have been influenced by his religious beliefs and not by evidence,” calling Page’s actions “a serious misconduct.” Interestingly, Grayling  previously supported a Christian couple who refused lodging to a gay couple at their Bed and Breakfast.

Page, who worked in the mental health field before his career as a judge, recalled, “They said I had a closed mind because of my Christian beliefs. They said I could not put my Christian beliefs above the rights of single-sex couples. They said I had to open my mind. But I think when you order someone to open their mind, then you are the one with a closed mind.” He defended his decision by saying simply, “What I did was put the interest of the child first. I thought he’d be better off with a mother and father. I put that above the interest of the single-sex couple.”

Page bluntly summed up his experience at the one-day education class: “It was quite interesting. Rather like what you used to hear about Communist countries, all about equity and diversity.”

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