After Martin Gillingham posted an image of a t-shirt on his Facebook page, the police paid him a visit.

“I May Seem Calm & Reserved But If You Mess With My Kids I Will Break Out a Level of Craziness That Will Make Your Nightmares Seem Like a Happy Place,” the t-shirt says.

The graphic includes two smoking revolvers.

“I think I might wear this to the next parents evening,” Gillingham said in a post.

The father had earlier complained about the education of his autistic son at Matravers School in Westbury, Wilts. He believes the school may have informed the police about the Facebook post.

“The officer who attended told me that a complaint had been made about a picture on my Facebook profile,” Gillingham said.

“The officer came across as apologetic. I understand it’s normal police procedure so they have to investigate it, but even the officer who visited me told me he thought it was nothing more than banter.”

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