Ian Drury
Daily Mail
October 17, 2011

Adam Werritty was involved in a shadowy international plot to topple the Iranian leader, it was claimed yesterday.

Liam Fox’s right-hand man was said to have regularly met Iranian dissidents, Israeli spies and right-wing U.S. groups with an interest in destabilising President Ahmadinejad.

Mr Werritty, 33, was highly regarded by the feared Israeli intelligence service Mossad, who believed he was the Defence Secretary’s chief of staff.

He travelled the globe enjoying extraordinary access to politicians, diplomats, lobbyists and military personnel, apparently revelling in the James Bond-style trappings of first-class travel and luxury hotels. One of the companies which helped fund Mr Werritty’s extravagant lifestyle even had a charitable foundation named Universal Exports – the pseudonym for MI6 in Ian Fleming’s 007 books.

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