Kurt Nimmo
March 22, 2010

In Merry Old England, the land of George Orwell, the police state is kicking into high gear. In Nottingham on Saturday, hundreds of cops took to the streets in a coordinated effort to remind Brits they live in an advanced high-tech police state.

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“Hundreds of police officers were on the streets of Nottingham throughout Saturday night in an effort to tackle knife crime in the city,” reports the BBC. “The major operation involved 200 officers as part of a Home Office project targeting 13 to 24-year-olds.”

It was like a scene out of Nazi Germany. “Officers and a specially-trained dog met young people coming off a number of bus routes.” They were forced to go through metal detectors and naked body scanners. Drug testing was also carried out.

Brits and Americans were told naked body scanners were designed to catch terrorists at airports. Now they are mobile and on the streets. Get used to it.

“Drug dogs were also deployed on the streets and traffic officers used automated number plate recognition technology to identify vehicles wanted in connection with a crime, stolen vehicles and vehicles or motorists driving without insurance.”

Once again, the British state has sent a message to the commoners — they are all suspects and guilty until proven innocent. The enemy is not al-Qaeda or Islamic Brits per se. It is the entire population at large.

Britain is a police state incubator where beta tests are carried out. Soon enough, similar tactics will be employed in the United States.

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