Michael Ross
July 30, 2008

Many households have been hit so hard by rising food prices that they are skipping meals, a new survey reported in the Sun newspaper shows.

Barclays and children’s charity NCH released a joint survey yesterday, which found that 12 percent of people have gone hungry in this way recently – a figure which goes up to 19 percent among vulnerable low-income groups.

Rising food and energy prices have been the primary drivers behind increases to the government’s own inflation benchmark, the Consumer Price Index. This rate has risen to 3.8 percent on its most recent monthly reading: a full 1.8 percent above target.

In addition, recent research from pollsters ICM shows that families with two or three children have seen their food bills increase by 21 percent over the last 12 months.

Clare Tickell at NCH said: “There’s no doubt that everyone is feeling the pinch and that those on the lowest incomes are suffering most. But once you get behind the headlines it’s not all doom and gloom.

“NCH supports thousands of families up and down the country. Many tell us how they are feeling the pinch at the moment and that it can be a struggle to feed themselves on the tightest of budgets.”

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