Christopher Manion
LRC Blog
November 1, 2020

In his most despicable and sickening column ever, David Broder, the “dean” of Washington’s press corps (that should tell you something), nostalgically recalls how World War II “resolved”  the economic crisis of the Great Depression.

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Broder  then placidly recommends that Obama consider an American attack on Iran as a winning tactic for his 2012 reelection campaign. Why? Because not only will it “resolve” our economic crisis, but even Republicans will “urge him on”! No Iran war, no 2012 win! Plain as day, isn’t it? Why didn’t Rahm think of that already, I wonder?

Unnecessary, immoral, illegal, and unconstitutional war is the last refuge of a scoundrel. But we cannot dismiss Mr.Broder as a senile cynic: he has long been a dependable cheerleader for the War Parties — both of them. His entire career has been dedicated to the destruction of liberty, opportunity, peace, and morality.

Broder has constantly supported more government of every kind. Now, in the sunset of his life, he reveals that war, war, war is an the inescapable and logical result of his ideology. That is sad enough, but note that, in his lust for power, he not only calls for war, but seems to salivate at the prospect of thousands of Americans dying for the re-election of a third-rate politician. Apparently, Broder would actually enjoy it!

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That Broder is the media’s “dean” only proves that Hayek was right: the worst has risen to the top of Washington journalism — and, on inspection, it is pure scum.

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