Kurt Nimmo
March 22, 2010

Our rulers are slick. They know we will not stand for an outright takeover of the internet, so they are cloaking the effort under a thin veneer of “social justice” and broadband for all.

Gordon Brown in Britain is leading the charge:

Every home in the UK will have access to “super-fast” broadband by 2020, according to Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The government has already pledged to offer super-fast internet connections to 90 percent of the country by 2017, as part of the Digital Economy Bill, paid for by a ‘broadband tax’ – a £6 per year levy on telephone lines.

Now, Brown has revealed it will take just three years to ensure the remainder of the country also has access to the service.

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Nice. The average Brit will pay to have the internet stolen from him and turned into a control mechanism.

Brown “promised everyone in the UK a personalized webpage within four years for accessing services in a bid to cut the cost of face-to-face contacts with officials.”

A “personalized webpage” approved by Brown and the government, of course. It will also be another mechanism for the plebs to interface with officialdom.

Have no doubt. If Brown and Obama and the other front-men of the ruling elite have their way, the free and open internet will eventually go the way of the Brontosaurus. They are determined to neuter they only vehicle for free expression and liberty because it threatens their plan to turn the earth into a huge and sprawling slave labor and control gulag. Every day we are exposing them for the bloody tyrants they are and they are desperate to put an end to it.

As usual, they will try to sell this theft as a good thing.

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