October 19, 2009

[efoods]More than 190 countries are due to agree a deal to tackle global warming at the UN Climate Change Conference in December.

However, at the moment, talks are at deadlock because rich countries like the US will not sign up to strict targets to cut carbon emissions, while developing nations like China refuse to take action until the super powers take the lead.

In a last-ditch attempt to get the different countries to agree, ministers and officials from 17 countries met in Britain on Monday to discuss a way forward.

Addressing the Major Economies Forum in London, Mr Brown said the consequences of uncontrollable temperature rise would be greater than the impact of the two world wars and the Great Depression. He said the effects of climate change is already killing 300,000 people every year and the impact of floods and droughts will get worse. But it will not just be poor nations that suffer, he warned that thousands of people in Britain could be killed by regular heatwaves in the summer.

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