Tina Redlup
March 12, 2010

An attorney for the alleged anthrax killer Bruce Ivins has said that he does not believe that the case against Ivins should not be closed.

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“There’s not one shred of evidence to show he did it,” Paul F. Kemp, Ivins’ attorney, told AOLNews.com.

Kemp said he doesn’t not believe the 92-page summary released on Feb. 19 by the Justice Department that officially closed the case against Ivins. The report states the Ivins, acting alone, had the wherewithal to create anthrax spores of the concentration and purity of the mailed anthrax.

According to Kemp, repeated denials of sending the letters were made by Ivins. Additionally, Ivins’ fellow scientists insisted that Ivins would not be capable of making the type of mailed anthrax with the equipment that was available to his at the Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases.


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