A man opened fire at a restaurant in central Brussels with a Kalashnikov, according to media reports.

The district has been placed on lockdown as authorities heighten their investigation, Britain’s Express reports:

Witnesses said they saw a Kalashnikov assault rifle used in the shooting, which took place in Avenue Louise, a luxury shopping street. The shooter fired three shots through the window of the restaurant in the Belgian capital, before fleeing at about 9 am GMT. Police have not yet ruled out terror as the motive for the attack, but said it was not believed to have been a terrorist attack. The motive remains unclear, police said.

No one was hurt in the incident, they added.

A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office, Ine Van Wymersch said: “A witness saw a man shoot with a Kalashnikov-style weapon in the direction of the window of a restaurant on Avenue Louise.

As of this writing, the shooter remains at large and experts have been deployed to study the three bullet holes, according to Sputnik:

Police officers are searching for the suspect and will try to identify the attacker as soon as possible, the prosecutor’s office spokeswoman added. Ballistics experts have been sent to the scene.

Additionally, Infowars.com has reported on the surge of “no-go” zones in Brussels and across Europe.

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