The awful truth about the tragic shooting today of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward is that they are both victims of the contrived race war that has gripped America.

In a fax sent to ABC News, the gunman states that the shooting was a revenge attack for the Charleston massacre, his contribution to the “race war”.

On his own Twitter account he also said he targeted Parker because of her “racist comments” towards him.

And yet what did Deray McKeeson, the de facto leader of ‘Black Lives Matter’ tweet before the identify of the shooter was even known? Before the bodies were even cold?

He blamed the shooting on white people. In the very minutes after news of this horrific incident broke, the figurehead of Black Lives Matter was exploiting the tragedy for political points scoring.

Then he had the nerve to retweet other people who decried those using it for political points scoring.

Same with Hillary Clinton and an army of other leftists. Before the gunman had even been caught, Clinton was using the tragedy to go after the Second Amendment.

This contrived race war – which has been legitimized by the Obama administration – is emboldening extremists on both sides of the equation.

The leftist media blamed all white people in the aftermath of Charleston.

So am I going to blame all African-Americans for what Bryce Williams did? No.

But when you create an environment, as the leftist media has done, when violence targeting innocent people is a justified response to claims of institutionalized racism – this is what happens.

We saw it with Ismaaiyl Brinsley – the guy who shot two NYPD cops in the head as part of a Black Lives Matter revenge attack.

And now the next Dylann Roof will see Bryce Williams’ violent rampage as a legitimate excuse for his form of revenge. The cycle never ends.

When are we going to stop allowing this race war narrative to divide us and tear at the fabric of our society?

When is the Black Lives Matter movement going to acknowledge black on black violence as part of the problem, just as several African-American voices have done in recent days?

When are we going to focus on how we can fix police brutality by having a rational national conversation about it that isn’t poisoned by race baiting.

Until that day comes, we’re going to see many more Dylann Roofs and Bryce Williams’ – and the victims won’t be black supremacists or white supremacists.

The victims will be innocent people. The victims will be churchgoers in Charleston. The victims will be and Adam Ward and Alison Parker.

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