Larry Chin
Online Journal
April 2, 2008

Neoliberal elite Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of the leading architects of the "war on terrorism” across the Middle East and the Eurasian subcontinent (and whose book The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives laid the groundwork for 9/11) has adopted a politically expedient wolf-in-sheep’s clothing role.

His much-publicized criticisms of Bush-Cheney’s “mismanagement” of Iraq (whose latest piece, The Smart Way Out, serves as a primer on the current neoliberal war policy) has garnered raves from those who are misguided or ignorant enough to believe that Brzezinski is, in any way, “antiwar.”

The key passage in the new Brzezinski piece leaves no illusions that that neoliberal position maintains the existing "anti-terrorism" pretext for endless war: "The end of the occupation will thus be a boon for the war on al-Qaeda, bringing to an end a misguided adventure that not only precipitated the appearance of al-Qaeda in Iraq but also diverted the United States from Afghanistan, where the original al-Qaeda threat grew and still persists."

What Brzezinski seeks is to simply reverse the Bush-Cheney “blunder,” and return to the geostrategic position achieved shortly after 9/11: " . . . a regional conference should be convened to promote regional stability, border control and other security arrangements, as well as regional economic development — all of which would help mitigate the unavoidable risks connected with U.S. disengagement."

“Regional economic development” is Brzezinski’s code for “oil.”

Brzezinski is currently a national security/foreign policy adviser for Barack Obama.

He would undoubtedly play a major role for Hillary Clinton, should she become the Democratic Party nominee. Note also that Brzezinski was the foreign policy adviser for John McCain’s presidential campaign in 1999-2000.

Brzezinski should not be trusted any more than his old friend Henry Kissinger, who not surprisingly lurks behind McCain.

The “war on terrorism” — including the occupation of Iraq — continues unabated.

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