With more and more women speaking out regarding sexual harassment at the hands of notorious men, many have been pointing fingers at Bill Clinton once again, which has been largely ignored by the mainstream media. However, the damn may be about to break.

One unlikely voice calling for Clinton to address his past violations is MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski, who slammed the former President Monday, noting that Hillary Clinton is still talking about accusations of sexual harassment against President Trump.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry, actually. Hillary Clinton needs to stop. She needs to stop talking about this topic unless Bill Clinton wants to come forward and apologize for being a sexual harasser, for settling with women. He needs to apologize,” Brzezinski said.

“He needs to apologize as quickly as Al Franken did, as Mark Halperin did, and as much as he wants to.” Brzezinski continued.

“These men who are apologizing, we need to deal with them, but if you are not going to apologize and it’s clear you’ve done something wrong, please, please, you the politician and your wife, the politician, need to not talk about these issues,” the co-host of Morning Joe urged.

Brzezinski went on to suggest that Trump is in the White House because Americans saw through and rejected the Clintons’ “hypocrisy.”

Last week, Brzezinski called Bill Clinton a sexual “predator”:

“The women were attacked, where they were settled with, and their lives were ruined.” Brzezinski noted.

During a Q&A featuring Both Clintons last week, Hillary pined for days gone by when they could get away with their lies and harassments without challenge:

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