Budget airline EasyJet was on the defensive this morning after a passenger posted an image of a woman being forced to sit in a ‘backless seat’ on the aircraft.

“#easyjet beats @Ryanair to have backless seats. @IATA @EASA this is flight 2021 Luton to Geneva. How can this be allowed,” tweeted Matthew Harris.

“One has to wonder how safe the rest of the plane was,” he added. “This was her seat. The lady was moved to a spare seat once the flight was fully boarded. Not sure what would have happened if the flight was full.”

EasyJet only made the issue worse by publicly asking Harris to delete the photo.

He unsurprisingly refused to do so.

While the actual circumstances behind the photo remain murky, prototypes for the future of budget seating suggest passengers will be forced to squat for the duration of the flight.


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