A video of Democrat presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke cooking burgers is going viral as the internet finds multiple issues with his culinary skills.

Unless the patties Beto is cooking are meatless, the Green New Deal supporter is hypocritically contributing to manmade global warming by supporting the cow industry… or something like that.

“Beto’s taking a break from telling everyone how racist the country is to show himself making burgers with processed cheese served on an English muffin with a side of raw broccoli,” one Twitter user said.

Beto also used three different pans to cook four burgers.

Additionally, the stove appears to be equipped with a flat top grill, as another Twitter user points out.

People pointed out that he used a metal spatula on a non-stick pan, which is a kitchen no-no.

The Blaze TV suggested the outrage brought on by the video transcends political boundaries, saying, “It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican, Independent, or Democrat. We should be united in our outrage over what @BetoORourke did to this hamburger.”

The following tweets are just a small sample of the roasting Beto endured:



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