Adan Salazar
April 25, 2012

Fast food chain Burger King recently announced a plan to go cage-free by the year 2017, a major step in the right direction for the global chain, but not likely an indicator that the “restaurant” is necessarily a safe haven for burger consumption for all us health nuts.

photoDon’t look so happy eating that burger just yet.

Firstly, the term “cage free” only refers to the chicken eggs and pigs sourced. The label doesn’t apply to the beef used in the company’s hottest item the “Whopper,” nor to any other beef patties used in their burgers, meaning their meat will probably still be chock full of antibiotics and growth hormones, and the livestock sourced would have still been kept on a strict GM corn-fed diet. (To learn more about this, I recommend watching the documentaries Food Inc. and Farmageddon, available here at the Infowars store).

You’re probably thinking, “In that case I’ll only buy ham and egg sandwiches,” however, you’ll be waiting a while until you can be sure what you’re eating is actually cage free. That’s because the company promises cage free by 2017! What an incredible delay! Until that time, they’ll undoubtedly continue their routine procurement methods.

Today’s announcement, however, isn’t the first time BK’s promised to clean up their act. Back in March 2007, BK made the exact same promise.

So are the American people supposed to believe it actually takes 10 years to go cage free?

In October 2008 the company also announced it would take trans fats out of its deep fryer, but what about all the other dangerous oils and additives that are damaging to the humans?

While going cage free probably appeases the likes of PETA and other animal rights activists, it’s still far from enough for true “foodies,” however, at least BK isn’t trying to deceive consumers with terms like “natural.”

If the company really wants to make a difference, they should consider going, if not fully-organic, at least with grass-fed beef. The fact remains that if you want to be sure what you’re eating meets your individual nutritional standards, you’ve got to buy the ingredients and prepare it yourself.

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