A Canadian father is disgruntled after a school bus driver ordered his eight-year-old daughter to stop reading books during bus rides, citing safety concerns.

Quebec resident Sarah Auger, presumably a grade 3 student, claims she was commanded to cease her innocent pastime of reading on the bus during her 20-minute rides to and from school.

Auger says her bus driver told her that “reading posed a risk to other students on the bus,” according to CBC News.

The driver said Auger’s books may cause other students to curiously stand up and look over seats, or that the book could possibly be a dangerous object whose sharp corners could poke someone’s eye out.

Daniel Abel, the girl’s father, was thrilled his daughter enjoyed reading books, and was understandably upset to hear her story.

Abel went to the school board to demand a rule change, stating, “I find it stupid and useless.”

To his surprise, the Hautes’-Riviére school board sided with the driver, stating that while reading is “obviously” not a dangerous activity, the driver has the ultimate authority to set the bus rules.

A statement released from the school board also noted a policy requiring students to keep their belongings, including books, inside their bags during bus trips.

While some schools are comfortable banning productive activities like reading books on buses, others are outfitting them with wi-fi routers, an attempt to further keep students glued to smart phones plugged into the surveillance matrix.

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