Michael Abramowitz
The Washington Post
June 9, 2008

Looks as though another former Bush administration official is off the reservation. But don’t expect the kind of fierce counterattack the White House and its friends waged recently against former press secretary Scott McClellan after the release of his tell-all book.

On a panel at last week’s American Israel Political Affairs Committee convention, former State Department official Elizabeth Cheney described the Annapolis peace process as “misguided,” said the United States had been “fundamentally mistaken” to push for elections in Gaza and suggested that the Bush administration has not been tough enough with Syria.

“In my view, this administration has gotten it right when we have been bold, when we have been decisive, when we have been focused, when we have used our military force when necessary,” Cheney said at the conference, according to a recording posted on the AIPAC Web site. “Where we have been less effective and less successful is when we have been unfortunately not so bold, when we have not held [Syrian President] Bashar al-Assad to account for the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, for the killing of American soldiers inside Iraq, for his support to Hezbollah.”

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