Talk about keeping it all in the family.

Last week George W. Bush said Hillary Clinton is his “sister-in-law.” He made this remark, which he thinks is high comedy, during an interview with the floundering propaganda network, CNN.

Paul Joseph Watson wrote for on December 8:

Noting how Bush referred to Bill Clinton as his “brother from another mother,” Crowley asked the former President, “what does that make Hillary Clinton to the Bush family?”

“My sister in law,” responded Bush.

The close relationship between the two families “was perhaps best illustrated by last year’s Guccifer hack of the Bush family emails, which revealed that George W. Bush refers to Bill Clinton as ‘bubba’ or ‘brother.’”

The hack also unearthed how Jeb Bush credited his father George H.W. Bush with restoring Bill Clinton’s political reputation.

“He helped restore his sordid reputation. A very tough thing to do but with kindness, dad probably helped Bill Clinton than anything he himself has done,” said the former Florida Governor.

On Tuesday Jeb paid homage to his sister-in-law by awarding her the National Constitution Center’s Liberty Medal, which another establishment propaganda network, CBS, said marks Clinton’s “lifelong career in public service.”

More like service to the financial class and the ruling elite. Recall Clinton’s effusive praise of the Council on Foreign Relations when it moved to Washington.

“Thank you very much, Richard (Haass, CFR boss), and I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters.  I have been often to, I guess, the ‘mother ship’ in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State Department. We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing.”

Advice? That’s an understatement.

“We can be quite sure that somewhere between 400 to 500 high-level members of the Obama administration will be members of the CFR,” John McManus wrote soon after the election. “How can we say that? Because that’s about how many CFR members occupy the current Bush administration (beginning with Vice President Dick Cheney, an in-again, out-again member of the CFR board of directors). And about the same number occupied posts in the Clinton administration. And so it has gone since the New Deal reign of Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

More recently, Obama selected a dyed-in-the-wool CFRite to act as boss over at the Pentagon.

From NSNBC International:

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama selected Council on Foreign Relations member Ashton B. Carter to substitute Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense. Carter has to be approved by the Congress. Carter has unique experience which suggests that his nomination is closely tied to a more aggressive U.S. and NATO policy towards Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

The political class likes to make a big deal about shiny awards and its “public service,” i.e., service to the banksters and corporatists, so this family affair should be no big surprise.

Consider it a warm-up for the 2016 election. These two in-laws will undoubtedly be “debating” each other as part of the dog and pony show rolled out every four years as the elite pick their next teleprompter reader to pretend he or she actually does anything.

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