Paul Wolfowitz, the former Deputy of Defense during the Bush era and president of the World Bank, told Fox News Russian president Vladimir Putin is a bully and the United States under Obama has retreated from confronting a nuclear armed Russia.

“I think he loves it every time we declare a red line and we retreat from it, whether it’s on Ukraine or whether it’s on Syrian chemical weapons or whether it’s on five or six different negotiating positions with Iran,” Wolfowitz told FOX Business Network’s Cavuto. “He senses weakness. This is a man, understand he’s a bully and what he thinks of is always in terms of who’s the stronger and who’s the weaker.”

Wolfowitz also weighed in the Syrian refugee crisis.

“One of the tragedies in all of this is that the more people you take, the more come. There’s a powerful magnet effect underway now, not just from Syria, but from all over the world as people sense this may be an opportunity, and it may be a vanishing opportunity to get into Europe and maybe eventually into the United States.”

Wolfowitz contends the United States is not interested in the Middle East, an odd remark from a man who advocated “preemption” and “unilateralism” in the Middle East and was a key architect of the second invasion of Iraq.

The so-called “Wolfowitz doctrine” eventually became the “Bush doctrine” and was used as a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan following the terror attack of September 11, 2001.

“If there is anyone in the world today who doubts the seriousness of the Bush Doctrine, I would urge that person to consider the fate of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and of Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq,” said then vice president Dick Cheney.

Wolfowitz quoted the Marxist Leon Trotsky. “Understandably we want as little as possible to do with the Middle East,” he said. “But as Trotsky said, you may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. This is just one more illustration of the fact that we may not be interested in the Middle East but the Middle East is interested in us and I think we have a huge stake which we’ve not done a good job – particularly not this administration- in achieving stability in that turbulent part of the world.”

As Burt Blumert and others have noted, the neocons are Trotskyites tenfold.

“Neocons, as ex-Trotskyites, are bad enough, but those who follow the pro-pagan Leo Strauss are deadly. He advocated the Big Lie. Forgive me for all the gory details, but these people – with their other leaders like Bill Buckley and Irving Kristol and the help of the CIA – perverted the American right into loving the welfare-warfare state,” Blumert writes.

During the FOX interview Wolfowitz used the Straussian Big Lie — a technique also employed by Adolf Hitler — to frame his argument about the Middle East and U.S. security.

The United States government and its military-industrial complex are most certainly interested in war, particularly in the Middle East. The current refugee crisis is a direct manifestation of the Wolfowitz Doctrine.

Wolfowitz’s remark about Putin is predictable considering his doctrine warned of a Russian threat and its purported risk “to stability in Europe.”

Fear mongering about a Russian threat was subsequently removed from a document originally leaked to The New York Times in 1992.

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