January 14, 2009

President Bush said yesterday that the United States should work to stop the movement of guns across our southern border into Mexico. At the same time, the president said Americans could help Mexico by using fewer illegal drugs.

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The president made the remarks while meeting on Tuesday with Mexican President Felipe Calderon in the White House.

“Americans are concerned about the battle that’s taking place in Mexico, and I want our fellow citizens to understand that this man understands the responsibilities of government to provide security; that he will not allow his country, or parts of his country, to be taken over by narco-traffickers,” said Bush, “and that the United States of America wants to share and help deal with the issue on both sides of the border. The less drugs we use, the less pressure there will be in Mexico. We have got responsibilities to help prevent guns from going from the United States into Mexico.”

President Calderon said in the same meeting that he is dedicated to promoting the rule of law in his country, which saw a record number of drug-trafficking related murders last year.

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