A Georgia business owner is taking the Second Amendment to a whole new level by mandating all his employees be trained to use and carry a firearm.

Criminals targeting Lance Toland Associates, an airplane insurance company with three separate offices, will find themselves staring down the large barrel of a Taurus Judge revolver, the handgun provided to employees by the business’s owner.

“Everybody has one of these in their drawer or on their person,” Toland told WSBTV introducing them to the Judge. “I would not want to come into one of my facilities. It’s a five shot .410, just like a shotgun and you call it ‘hand cannon’.”

Toland says the rising crime rate around the Atlanta area prompted him to impose the policy, which he says employees have gladly adhered to.

“They all had their conceal carry permit within 3 to 4 weeks of me announcing that this was something you had to do,” Toland stated. “With the presentation of their license, they all got a .410 judge pistol.”

The business owner says several of his high profile customers are happy to hear about the new gun requirement, and says they may also enact similar business policies.

“A lot of my clients are high fiving when they hear this. They think it’s the best things for a company to mandate gun ownership and be responsible,” he said.

A survey taken by WSBTV reporter Craig Lucie found a large majority of his 11.6 thousand followers felt the weapon requirement was a good idea.

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