Details surrounding the sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump are raising doubts that the claims are credible.

Accuser Jessica Leeds claimed Trump molested her in the first-class section of a Braniff 707 flying from Dallas to New York in 1979, but Braniff didn’t use 707s on that route.


A Braniff flight table shows that the airline only operated 727s between the two cities, which is expected: the 727 was developed for domestic flights.

A witness on the flight, who was sitting across Leeds, has also come forward and disputed her allegations.

“Not only did he not do so – and I was present at all times – but it was she that was the one being flirtatious,” the witness, Anthony Gilberthorpe, said. “If there’s evidence Trump’s done it, sure, hang him from the post, but I was there, I was in a position to know that what she said was wrong, wrong, wrong.”

““I will go to head to head with her — I will meet her again. I will see her eyes across the table with my eyes and I will challenge her on the points she made. And I’ll tell you what, I would do this whether it was for Trump, for Clinton, for Obama, or for any man who’s been accused of sexually molesting someone when I know he did not.”

Additionally, Leeds said Trump “lifted the armrest” between them to assault her, but photos showing Braniff first-class seats in the late 70s reveal heavy armrests that appear to be either unadjustable or too cumbersome to lift.

This photo shows Braniff first-class leather seats installed in a Pan Am 727 after the latter bought the seats to upgrade its own 727s in 1981:

1981 FA by leather F seats former NA 727

Here’s another photo showing typical Braniff first-class seats in 1977:


That appears to be the norm for most first-class sections in the 70s and the early 80s; there’s only a handful of photos showing liftable armrests in that time period.

Braniff’s fleet of DC-8s appeared to have liftable armrests in first-class during the 70s, but the rape allegation did not take place on a DC-8:


“Both CNN and Gizmodo are claiming that first class Braniff seats have foldable arm rests, but the pictures they show are of coach seats that fold down if a middle seat is vacant, not of first class seats,” reported.

Gizmodo in particular posted several seats with liftable armrests, practically claiming ‘See! Here they are!’ but it doesn’t matter if the armrests on a DC-8 are liftable if the plane in question isn’t a DC-8.

Leeds also said Trump “was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere,” which is almost word-for-word the same description used in a 2014 sexual allegation made against Coronation Street actor Bill Roache.

“He was like an octopus. Hands everywhere,” Roache’s accuser told police.

Leeds’ statement was also nearly identical to lyrics used in the Velvet Underground song “The Gift.”

“My God, he was like an octopus. Hands all over the place,” the lyrics went.

Reddit users have also pointed out Leeds apparently has ties to the Clinton campaign.

“Alleged victim Jessica Leeds, who is also stepmother of a convicted sex batterer, is the current Secretary of the New York chapter of Altrusa USA, a service organization that champions alot of the same causes that Hillary Clinton supports,” redditor csispy said. “Julie Kleszczewski is a current Director of the same New York Chapter and is a close associate of Jessica Leeds. She was a volunteer for Hillary Clinton during her 2008 Presidential campaign.”

“It’s unknown if she campaigned for her this time around, however, there is a photo of Julie with Hillary Clinton at the 2016 American Legion Auxiliary Convention in Cincinatti where she mentions having met Clinton ‘again.’”

Another accuser, Mindy McGillivray, claimed that Trump “groped” her at a Ray Charles concert in 2003 at the Mar-a-Logo Club, but according to reporters the concert never occurred.

“A Getty Images search shows Trump and Melania posing with Ray Charles at Mar-A-Lago … in a photo by Davidoff Photos Studio, created on January 1, 2003, more than three weeks before McGillivray claimed she was ‘grabbed’ at a Ray Charles concert,” also reported. “A Ray Charles concert chronology shows that on January 23, a Ray Charles concert in Seattle was canceled, but nothing was scheduled for January 24.”

“…McGillivray claims that when she was nudged in 2003, Trump and his wife Melania were engaged. But a quick Google search proves this is false: Trump proposed to Melania in April 2004. Why didn’t the Palm Beach Post or McGillivray check this obvious detail?”

Other accusations were light on details on the circumstances surrounding the alleged assaults that were, oddly enough, never reported until three weeks before the election – which raises concerns that these claims are politically motivated.

We previously reported the Clinton campaign would accuse Trump of sexual assault to cover up Bill Clinton’s well-documented sexual crimes.

The Clintons’ achilles heel is Bill’s sexual abuse and his alleged pedophilia linked to Epstein, and to curtail this weakness they are trying to pin Bill’s reported crimes on Trump, according to insiders.

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