BuzzFeed is now lobbying Twitter to censor memes that satirize the Democratic Party.

Yes, really.

Democrats are currently embroiled in a blackface scandal after both Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to wearing make-up to make them look African-American.

One creative conservative chose to make fun out of this by posting a meme during Trump’s State of the Union speech which depicted white-wearing Dem Congresswomen in distinctive KKK hoods.

After the meme went viral, BuzzFeed fired off an article and a tweet which asserted, “Twitter is allowing this altered photo comparing women members of Congress who wore white to the State of the Union to the KKK to circulate on its platform despite its own policy that doesn’t allow “symbols historically associated with hate groups.”

Other Twitter users quickly corrected BuzzFeed, pointing out that such images are only banned if they are used to glorify racism.

“Wrong. The code of conduct only disallows these images if they are meant to promote racial bigotry, which in this case they are not,” commented @neotaster. “That is, you aren’t allowed to glorify the KKK, but using KKK imagery in certain contexts is allowed. Otherwise you couldn’t tweet pics of Hitler.”

Paul Sacca noted that BuzzFeed itself would be banned by Twitter under such rules, given that they have tweeted out hate symbols.

Under the same rules, the very picture that started the Governor Northam scandal would have also been banned.

“Fucking hilarious considering Twitter did nothing after the harassment the Covington kids received based on trash reporting which included Buzzfeed. But sure Buzzfeed let me play for you the worlds smallest violin,” commented journalist Tim Pool.

With academic studies proving that the left can’t meme, is it any wonder that they’re constantly trying to censor them and ban people who post them?

Numerous people were suspended or banned outright for tweeting #LearnToCode at journalists following mass layoffs at BuzzFeed, Huffington Post and VICE.

BuzzFeed, which was one of the outlets which relentlessly lobbied Big Tech to ban Alex Jones, has not let up in abusing its platform to try to get competing content censored.

Last month, the outlet bragged that it got YouTube to respond within 24 hours and agree to censor “conspiracy” and “misleading” content on its platform.

In their article, BuzzFeed conflated “conspiracy” content with mainstream conservative content like Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dinesh D’Souza and PragerU.

Given that this is how they conduct themselves, should we really have any sympathy over BuzzFeed journalists being fired?


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