BuzzFeed senior technology writer Charlie Warzel admitted that he lobbied Twitter to ban Alex Jones and got his wish shortly after.

Jones was permanently banned by Twitter yesterday for being mean to CNN’s senior media reporter Oliver Darcy during a confrontation in Washington, DC.

“I reached out to twitter — independently of anyone — to inquire about one of yesterday’s tweets from AJ,” tweeted Warzel, adding that he “eventually got a response.”

This could only have been the video in which Jones confronts Darcy, the video that got him banned.

Twitter then informed Warzel they were going to ban Jones and made him agree to an embargo before reporting the news.

In other words, Warzel abused his platform to pressure Twitter into terminating Jones’ account and they duly complied.

This is yet another example of a mainstream media corporation lobbying Big Tech to have its competition shut down.

Warzel is another journalist who has a creepy obsession with Alex Jones and has been following him around for over a year.

His behavior mirrors that of Oliver Darcy, who relentlessly lobbied YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to ban Jones for over 6 months before it happened.

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