Of all the many aspects of the Caitlyn Jenner story which bother conservatives, the one which causes me the most agitation is how the liberal “thought police” have attempted to censor any debate over the many issues related to this extraordinary tale.

It’s not just that the vast majority of media coverage has been overwhelmingly celebratory. That alone is annoying by default. What is flat-out scary is that the many forces of the left have used media intimidation and political correctness to enforce the notion that enthusiastically honoring Jenner’s transformation is the only acceptable reaction.

I have written here before about how this very same tactic is used by media to eradicate debate over the issue of global warming. To me, when liberals (who used to believe in free expression until they realized that was unnecessary since they control almost all media) feel the need to disallow the other side to speak without fear of retribution, it is a sure sign that they are exceedingly insecure.

This has obviously been the case during the week since the new Jenner graced the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

Numerous celebrities who dared to even slightly hesitate to join the “All Praise Caitlyn” bandwagon were roundly castigated and forced to recant at point of verbal bayonets. Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Drake Bell, Conner Cruise, and even Clint Eastwood have all experienced the wrath of the liberal speech policing.

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