California Governor Jerry Brown claimed his state’s “sanctuary” laws don’t help criminal illegal aliens.

Brown was asked by a Fox News reporter if California’s “sanctuary state” status favors the “rights of criminal illegal aliens over the rights” of law-abiding Californians.

“Absolutely false, and I’d like to see a scintilla of evidence that would support such an outlandish Fox proposition,” he said on Tuesday.

But there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that criminal illegals would flock to a state where they’ll feel safe from persecution.

Think of it this way: would human traffickers rather work in a state like California where their illegal alien status makes them feel more welcome, or a state like Texas which is spending millions to patrol its own border to stop sex rings?

California leads Texas in states with the most reported human trafficking cases, according to the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

Last year, Brown signed SB 54, the state’s main sanctuary law that prevents local authorities from honoring Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers which turn over arrested illegal aliens to immigration agents.

Furthermore, on Tuesday, Brown said it was a “lie” that a six-year-old reportedly murdered by a twice-deported illegal would still be alive today if California wasn’t a sanctuary state.

“I think Fox News exploits this issue. We have criminals that do horrible things all the time,” he added.

He didn’t explain why a twice-deported illegal was living in California.

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