Kurt Nimmo
October 27, 2013

If a cop or some other official of the government gets shot in your neighborhood, expect the imposition of a police state and the termination of the Bill of Rights. That’s what happened in Roseville, California, on Friday night following a shootout between a parolee and law enforcement.

Because an officer was shot in the jaw, a fed immigration agent was shot in the leg, and other cops were lightly injured residents of the neighborhood were not allowed to return to their homes for more than 24 hours. They had to endure checkpoints and orders to evacuate their homes.

An AP article on the incident concentrates on the danger posed by the man wanted for parole violation and says nothing about the danger of cops engaged in a vendetta. Cops routinely shoot and kill people when they perceive a threat, even kids with toy guns and small dogs, and they are especially violent when one of their own is killed or wounded.

“The incident created scenes of panic and chaos in a typically quiet middle class suburb of about 120,000 that is 20 miles northeast of the state capitol,” the AP reports. “At least 15 homes were evacuated, and the area remained a crime scene late Saturday.”

An armed criminal certainly poses a danger, but so do “helicopters… circling overhead and armored vehicles and other police cars” converging on the area with irate cops on a mission to take down a man who shot members of one of the largest and most organized, heavily armed (some cops even get Pentagon cast offs) and dangerous gangs in the state.

This AP photo of a cop threatening a motorist with a weapon at a checkpoint says it all.

Hat tip to William Grigg for finding this story.

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