Dave Gibson

December 6, 2011

On Friday, California Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes (D-Sylmar) filed a proposal for a ballot initiative with the state attorney general’s office for the so-called California Opportunity and Prosperity Act. The measure would allow illegal aliens who have resided in the state for four years to simply pay a fee and agree to learn English to be allowed to live and work in California legally (i.e. amnesty).

In order to get the proposal on the ballot, supporters will need to collect the 504,760 signatures from registered voters.

Fuentes said: “I hope this shows Washington, D.C., that if they fail to act, California will take the lead on this critical issue.”

Of course, if passed, this would add to the nation’s “patchwork of immigration laws” which illegal alien advocates often cite when complaining about states such as Arizona and Alabama which have passed their own anti-illegal immigration laws.

It would be interesting to see if Obama would sue California for officially creating a sanctuary for those here illegally, the same way he has sued those states that have sought to protect themselves from illegal aliens.

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