Dennis Romero
LA Weekly
January 27, 2010

Editor’s note: As Hal Turner discovered the hard way, the FBI loves to burn patsies and dupes.

[efoods]A man who has repeatedly claimed he performed counter-terrorism spy work for the FBI in Southern California mosques is suing the agency essentially for cutting him off and failing to pay him what he says he was promised.

Forty-seven-year-old Irvine fitness consultant Craig Monteilh says he spied on people at mosques in Culver City, West Covina, San Pedro and a few more in Orange County in 2006 and 2007. After Ahmadullah Niazi, a man with alleged terrorist ties, reported that Monteilh was apparently agitating an Irvine mosque with jihadist chatter, Monteilh said he decided to reveal himself as an FBI informant.

In fact, Monteilh says he’s the one who pointed out Niazi to the FBI but somehow found the tables turned and his mission in Irvine worthless when he was put under a restraining order not to visit the mosque. (Read more fascinating background on the case from OC Weekly). He said the FBI had promised to pay him $100,000 for his work.

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