Obama using Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall tactics to register Democrat voters

Kurt Nimmo
March 31, 2014

Covered California, the Golden State’s Obamacare subsidiary described as the “new, easy-to-use marketplace where you and your family may get financial assistance to make coverage more affordable,” is sending out voter registration cards premarked Democrat.

A couple from La Mesa called a local news station after they received mail from their insurance provider with a letter discussing voter registration. The mail included a voter registration card premarked Democrat.

The unidentified couple told KGTV they have always voted Republican. They want to know why the state-run agency that implements Obamacare sent the mail with a premarked voter registration card.

“We are mailing voter registration material,” Covered California spokeswoman Anne Gonzales told the news station. “However, the application forms come directly from the Secretary of State’s office, with no fields pre-marked. The individual should contact the Secretary of State, which takes these violations of election law extremely seriously, and they will investigate, using the unique serial number.”

Earlier this month the ACLU of California and other groups representing the League of Women Voters of California, Young Invincibles and several individuals threatened to sue the state over compliance with a federal voting rights law.

“Offering voter registration to the millions of people enrolling in healthcare is a simple step toward reaching out” to Californians who “fail to register due to lack of access and opportunity,” Jennifer A. Waggoner, president of the League of Women Voters, told The Los Angeles Times last week.

Although the League of Women Voters claims to be nonpartisan, it has consistently pushed the Obama agenda, including gun control, immigration reform, anti-oil fracking, climate change, and Obamacare.

Young Invincibles, according to CalWatchdog, is a “state funded navigator” for Obamacare. Cofounder Ari Matusiak works for the Obama Administration as Special Assistant to the President and Director of Private Sector Engagement and also served as a fellow on the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee.

Although the premarked voter registration card marked Democrat may in fact be a mistake, it does raise suspicion, especially considering the political agenda of the California assembly.

“What is known so far suggests that California politicians are exploiting health reform to enroll millions of the uninsured in the Democratic Party and fill the coffers of left-wing interest groups with taxpayer money,” Betsy McCaughey wrote last June.

McCaughey accused the Obama administration of using Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall tactics to register Democrat voters. Tammany Hall is a reference to New York’s corrupt Democrat political machine in the 19th century.

The “Obama health law is institutionalizing this corrupt style of politics across the country,” she said. “Whether you live in California or New York, local community activists and unions will be recruiting people to enroll in ObamaCare and sign up to be part of the permanent, beholden Democratic voting majority.”

On March 25, national radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh mentioned McCaughey’s article and accused Democrats of using Obamacare to register voters. “We had learned who had been granted all the money to run Covered California,” Limbaugh said, “the NAALCP, a bunch of unions, basically a bunch of left-wing activists.”

I pointed out that what this really was gonna be, in addition to whatever it was doing with health care, that this was a massive Democrat voter registration drive. And that the Obamacare exchange in practically every state would also double as serving to register voters,” Limbaugh said.

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