Media analyst Mark Dice convinced California residents to sign a fake petition recently that would divert tax money towards “gay reparations.”

According to Dice, the monthly “allowance” of $1,000 is designed to help members of the LGBT community “get ahead.”

“There’s enough tax dollars floating around out there, the lesbians and gays can get an extra $1,000 a month from us,” he says.

Throughout the video nearly a dozen people sign the petition without question, offering their name, date of birth and signature.

“It’s a gay reparations program,” Dice continues. “It’s like a $1,000 a month tax break, so basically like $24,000 a year savings for them to help them get ahead.”

“That’s a lot!” one young woman replies after signing her name.

As Dice has stated numerous times on the Alex Jones Show, most individuals are willing to sign any petition – no matter how ridiculous – without hesitation.

The only person unwilling to support the cause bizarrely attempts to defend his decision by promising he isn’t a racist.

“I’m not racist or nothing, I’d just rather not sign…” the man says, suggesting the LGBT community is actually a race.

While the concept of gay reparations may seem far-fetched, left-leaning pundits such as Thom Hartmann have floated the idea in the past.

“I think that we should have reparations for gays,” Hartmann said in 2010. “I think that the Mormon Church, which contributed a large chunk, maybe as much half of the money or maybe members of the Mormon church, as much as half of the money from out-of-state to fund Prop 8 for the next 10 years should have to pay for every gay wedding in the state of California.”

Dice has previously convinced Southern California residents to support everything from a white privilege tax to an Obama-backed “illiteracy” program.

The Mark Dice YouTube channel has garnered over 180 million views to date.

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