California will now fine residents who don’t buy health insurance to help pay for the health care of illegal aliens.

California will become the first in the nation to offer state-funded health care coverage for illegal immigrants under age 26 at the cost of $98 million, and to shore up money the state will fine people for not purchasing insurance.

“The fines were initially implemented as part of the federal Affordable Care Act law known as Obamacare, but Republicans [on the federal level] acted in 2017 to roll them back,” reported the Sacramento Bee. “Newsom and legislative leaders say re-imposing the penalty at the state level will shore up the state’s health insurance marketplace and keep premiums from rising dramatically.”

One critic have warned that those who will be fined are people who don’t qualify for free health care – unlike the illegals who soon will – and who also can’t afford regular insurance.

“The free health care [for illegals] is very, very, free, with no deductibles for anything – is going to be paid for out of a new program of fines for California citizens who don’t qualify for free health care, yet can’t afford Obamacare – quite possibly due to the high cost they are paying for keeping a roof over their heads, for one,” wrote The American Thinker’s Monica Showalter.

Leftist activists had even demanded that California should fund health care for illegal alien seniors and offer earned income tax credit to low-income migrants.

Yet the costs could easily explode over time as more and more illegal immigrants keep crossing the border, Showalter warned, not to mention those who effectively game the system.

“As for the illegals, well, when you work off the books, you can pretty well claim anything as your income, so rest assured that all those who want the free health care, no matter what they earn, are going to be able to get it,” she wrote.

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