Infowars is calling on you to join the #PatriotChallenge.

Make a social media post using the hashtag #PatriotChallenge with a video, poem, art or anything creative that would be viewed as patriotic, pro-American, or an attempt to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.

Example: Decorate a war memorial, give a pro-America speech at an event, etc.

** #PatriotChallenge Rules **

• You must email the contest entry to [email protected] with the link from your #PatriotChallenge post.

• You must also mention in your post that you are taking part in the Infowars #PatriotChallenge. Not citing Infowars’ #PatriotChallenge will disqualify entry.

• Also, use #PatriotChallenge in your email subject line to help us find your entry.

1st prize: $10,000
2nd prize: $5,000
3rd prize: $1,000

Follow the law. Do not trespass or violate any state or local laws.

This contest is open until the end of February. Have fun and good luck!

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