August 28, 2008

It’s time to let the Dallas Morning News know we will not tolerate lies. As reported last night, the Dallas Morning News reported that Alex Jones called for the murder of the neocon Michelle Malkin during a demo in Denver on August 25, an outright lie (see Dallas Morning News Libels Alex Jones). As the videos on this page demonstrate, Alex Jones did not call for Malkin’s murder, agents provocateurs did. A man associated with Malkin went to the police and told them Alex had threatened Malkin. In other words, this man lied to the police and should be arrested. Mark Davis of the Dallas Morning News apparently did not consider these crucial facts important. His article is an obvious attempt to spin the facts and libel Alex Jones.

The Dallas Morning News is the only daily newspaper in Dallas. It is owned by A. H. Belo Corp., a Dallas-based media company that owns four daily newspapers and five smaller newspapers. The CEO is Robert W. Decherd. Belo’s main telephone number is 214-977-8200 and 214-977-8201 (fax).

The newspaper’s editorial staff follows: James M. Moroney III, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer (214-977-6685 [email protected]), Robert W. Mong, Jr., Editor, (214-977-6828 [email protected]), George Rodrigue, Vice President, Managing Editor (214-977-8341 [email protected]), and Keven Ann Willey, Vice President, Editorial Page Editor (214-977-8253 [email protected]).

Call or write and demand a formal retraction.

Please remember to be polite and concise when you contact the Dallas Morning News or its parent, A. H. Belo Corp. Alex wants a retraction and does not want to give them an excuse to dismiss his demand to set the record straight.

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