Following FBI Director James Comey’s termination Tuesday, many called on President Trump to hire a new agency head that will seek to prosecute former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Political adviser and longtime confidante Roger Stone voiced his support for the administration to move offensively against the former secretary of state.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity made it a point Tuesday night to ask his panel what they thought might happen to Hillary, which he framed as “the most important question of the night.”

“If you’re Hillary Clinton tonight, what are you thinking?” Hannity asked Circa News’ Sarah Carter. “Why do we have to obey the laws and she gets off scot-free?”

Kenneth Timmerman at The Hill asked in a headline, “Comey got fired – will Clinton get indicted?”

“The real question raised by Comey’s firing is whether Justice Department prosecutors are finally getting ready to pick up the Clinton email investigation where the FBI left off last year and make a determination on whether to prosecute Hillary Clinton and her associates, based on the evidence FBI investigators so ably gathered.”

Many on Twitter also rallied for a reopening of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary.

In July 2016, then-Director Comey broke with FBI tradition when he convened a press conference to discuss the agency’s re-examination of Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to conduct State Department business.

The director listed multiple infractions related to the private server, including that it had been used to send and receive State Dept. info labeled Confidential and Top Secret, and that the server had been possibly hacked. But Comey presumably overstepped his bounds when he concluded that “no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Trump himself had on multiple occasions during the campaign indicated he believed Hillary should be prosecuted. Throngs of crowds at rallies across the nation supported the notion, chanting “Lock her up!” and sporting “Hillary for Prison” shirts.

During the second presidential debate, Trump also threatened to sic a special prosecutor on “Crooked Hillary” over her alleged illegal email server.

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